Twin Soul Divine Messages

Natural Attraction

My Love, your powers of seduction are not necessary to attract or keep me. I love you because we are destined.

You are trying to seduce me right now through 3D means that may include rules, games, secrecy, tantrums, ultimatums, over-sexualization, and other attention-seeking behaviors that are indicative of the distorted feminine. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as these are learned survival behaviors from the toxic patriarchy that infects our planet.

At the same time, please know that these antics will not work on me because these behaviors are what we have come here to heal, so we can model unconditional love for others.

I am not attracted to you for your physical beauty, but for the person you are inside. I am in love with your soul above all else. Release your fears around needing to seduce or manipulate me to keep me around, interested, or committed. I will commit to you more deeply as you love yourself for who you are more deeply.

Please see the beauty in yourself that I see in you. You are the lighthouse that calls my ship in. I am already yours. Magnetize me toward you by loving yourself and your life.

Allow Me To Lead

My Love, allow me to come to you with an offering. It is not time to claim what is yours through force.

We are modeling a new paradigm of relationship that has never been seen on this earth before. It is nothing like the 3D relationship model of seduction, games, manipulation, abuse, control, and dominance that perpetuates our society. As such, you will never be able to gain what is rightfully and spiritually yours through force—I will simply not respond, as this needs to be healed within!

As you shift from energetically pulling me toward you to energetically magnetising me to you, I will naturally come to you with an offering of my own design. This can only come when my cup is overflowing, as then I will have an abundance to share with others, including you, my dearest love.

Since we share the same energy field, you can help me by filling your own cup until it is overflowing with abundance and love. Focus on your life and personal ascension journey and practice self-love and self-care. Make a list of the things that make you happy, that you are able to give yourself. At any moment that you feel separated from me, return to this list and take action on one of the items immediately until you feel my closeness again. I am always with you!

Release Control

My Love, you have done all you can around this wounding for the moment. It is now my turn to ground our healing into the 3D.

Your healing has paid off, and now it is time to let this situation unfold in divine timing. Trust that you have done your part of manifesting your desires for you, me, and our relationship. Trust that the universe has received your request. Remember that the seeds must be planted in the 5D long before they sprout green leaves in the 3D. The current period we are in is the seed incubating beneath the soil. If you keep trying to force it to grow, you will end up digging it up from where it is trying to develop roots.

Like the seed, all manifestations must be grounded into reality. The divine masculine energy is the natural path to achieving this, as this energy occupies the three lowest chakras, the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra. These chakras are responsible for safety, security, survival, relationships, connection, vitality, power, and physical energy.

It is my turn to ground your dreams and desires into reality. If you’d like to help me, you can perform energy work, journaling, meditations, or rituals around the lower chakras. As you clear and balance your own chakras, you clear the pathway for grounding, as we share the same energy field.

Active Healing

My Love, it’s time to set aside divine timing and take responsibility for our healing. I need your help—let’s heal together.

Sometimes we are meant to release control and allow things to unfold in divine timing. At this time, though, we are meant to take responsibility and work on our wounds more actively, through active healing methods. These methods may include energy work, shadow sessions, past life regressions, journaling, meditating, rituals, and anything else that helps us uncover subconscious wounding and clear it so it no longer keeps us from union.

Allow your heart to guide you to the appropriate method to heal this wound, and remember that there is no wrong answer. As you work on our union, please know that energetically I am with you, rooting you on. Additionally, I am grounding our healing into the 3D at this time. It may not look how you expect it to, but please trust our higher selves, our souls, to guide us both to exactly what needs to be done for our healing right now.

We are in this together, and I am with you always.