My Love, your powers of seduction are not necessary to attract or keep me. I love you because we are destined.

You are trying to seduce me right now through 3D means that may include rules, games, secrecy, tantrums, ultimatums, over-sexualization, and other attention-seeking behaviors that are indicative of the distorted feminine. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as these are learned survival behaviors from the toxic patriarchy that infects our planet.

At the same time, please know that these antics will not work on me because these behaviors are what we have come here to heal, so we can model unconditional love for others.

I am not attracted to you for your physical beauty, but for the person you are inside. I am in love with your soul above all else. Release your fears around needing to seduce or manipulate me to keep me around, interested, or committed. I will commit to you more deeply as you love yourself for who you are more deeply.

Please see the beauty in yourself that I see in you. You are the lighthouse that calls my ship in. I am already yours. Magnetize me toward you by loving yourself and your life.