My Love, it’s time to set aside divine timing and take responsibility for our healing. I need your help—let’s heal together.

Sometimes we are meant to release control and allow things to unfold in divine timing. At this time, though, we are meant to take responsibility and work on our wounds more actively, through active healing methods. These methods may include energy work, shadow sessions, past life regressions, journaling, meditating, rituals, and anything else that helps us uncover subconscious wounding and clear it so it no longer keeps us from union.

Allow your heart to guide you to the appropriate method to heal this wound, and remember that there is no wrong answer. As you work on our union, please know that energetically I am with you, rooting you on. Additionally, I am grounding our healing into the 3D at this time. It may not look how you expect it to, but please trust our higher selves, our souls, to guide us both to exactly what needs to be done for our healing right now.

We are in this together, and I am with you always.